We are currently knee-deep in the digital age, where vast quantities of information is being created and disseminated online every second. Keeping up with the beating heart of your website and engaging your readers and customers is a full-time job in itself, so why not outsource your blogging and content creation to someone else?

A ghost-writer and author by trade, I can take the stress out of keeping your finger on the pulse by researching and crafting your next blog post for you. I create engaging and informative content keeping your intended audience in mind. I can also write the copy for your website, advertisement, or mailshot. I can tailor posts across a variety of media, altering the text for all social media platforms from Vero to Facebook, Twitter to LinkedIn.


£0.20 per word
minimum charge of £20 applies regardless of word count


500 words and under: 3 days
500-1000 words: 5 days
1000-2500 words: 7 days.

Please contact me for word counts of 2500+ for turnaround time and price.