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Welcome to my section all about Roxy and Custard!

Here I’ll be detailing all our adventures past, present, and future and looking at all the products we’ve used to aid us in those adventures!

A little more on my intrepid adventurers:

Roxy Rhubarb

Roxy is a rescue we adopted in 2014 from Dogs Trust Shrewsbury. She was picked up in Ireland at roughly 2 years of age. She was pretty well trained when we got her, unfortunately, an altercation has left her dog reactive, something we work on every day to improve. And she is improving! She’ll never go to daycare or a dog park, but our walks are less stressful.

Age: 6, maybe 7
Breed: Mixed Breed (Collie x GSD with a dash of Dalmatian & Labrador)
D.O.B: Unknown, possibly born 2012. Birthday celebrated on 1st of April.
Countries Visited: UK (England & Wales), UAE
Locations visited: UK: Shrewsbury, Sheffield, London, Shell Island, Isle of Wight, Lake District, York, Birmingham, Northamptonshire, Peak District. UAE: Dubai, RAK, UAQ.
Likes: cuddles, BALL, bacon, cheese, long walks
Dislikes: loud noises (thunder, crow scarers, fireworks), other dogs, peanut butter, water.
Transport taken: Plane, train, automobile! Bus, ferry and floating bridge.

Custard Cream

We adopted Custard in January 2018 at roughly four months of age. She has slotted into our family with minor trouble (there’s the odd scrap with Roxy now and then)! We think she was born a stray (there’s a big problem in the UAE) and was raised on a diet of rocks and paper. Her baby teeth were atrocious, but her adult ones have come through pearly white. Hopefully, we’ll turn her into a good adventure buddy.

Age: 6 months(ish)
Breed: Super special mixed breed desert dog. (Canaan x Pomeranian x White Swiss Shepherd x a variety of desert breeds.)
D.O.B: Unknown, possibly October 2017. The vet thinks 4th September 2017. So that’s when we’ll celebrate.
Countries Visited: UAE (so far!)
Locations visited: UAE: Dubai, RAK, UAQ.
Likes: sleeping, chasing cats and birds, daycare, FOOD
Dislikes: not being allowed to say hello to every dog and person, peanut butter
Transport taken: Car so far, that will change!