In the age of instantly consumable media, it’s an unfortunately common occurrence that I see articles on a daily basis containing poor grammar, misspelt words, and a distinct lack of punctuation. Or too many commas altogether! In this ever-changing world where time is limited, that one word spelt incorrectly could cost you customers, readers, and future engagement.

This is where I step in. Outsourcing your content to a fresh pair of eyes can highlight grammatical errors otherwise missed and erase spelling mistakes quickly before it hits the world wide web.

Basic Proofreading Package

• Check your work for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.
• Check capitalisation of words and titles.
• Correct font and size have been used throughout.
• Provide you with a fully edited document and a second document with errors/changes highlighted for you to approve or reject as you see fit.

Proofreading and Basic Editing Package

As above, but includes:
• Check your document for clarity and consistency.
• Check facts are correct.
• Check a single voice is used throughout and tenses are not used incorrectly.
• Check writing style is appropriate for the reader.
• Ensure all URLs work, and that any abbreviations and acronyms are correctly presented.


Basic Proofreading: £0.02 per word
minimum charge of £10 applies regardless of word count.

Proofreading and Basic Editing: £0.05 per word
minimum charge of £15 applies regardless of word count.


2500 words and under – 1 day turn around
2500 – 5000 words – 2 days turn around

Please contact me for availability and turnaround times for larger word counts.