Is your content costing you customers? Five ways I can help!

Is the text on your website letting you down?

The incorrect spelling of words and erroneous use of capital letters can often make websites look unprofessional and uncaring. If you haven’t paid attention to the words on your website, how can you expect your customers to trust you to look after them?

According to this source, spelling mistakes on your website could cost you up to 50% of sales. Why lose revenue when you could be making it! The first place jobseekers will turn to is your website prior to applying for a job. If you don’t invest in and take care of your website, how can they expect to be looked after at your company?

This is where I come in! As a certified professional proofreader, I can comb through your website ensuring you don’t lose sales to competitors, who have taken the time to check their site.

I have five ways that I can improve your website and ultimately your sales, clientele and staff, simply by checking for the following mistakes:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure/clarity of message
  • Spacing/Font size & type

You might ask, why can’t I just do this myself? I know how to spell, it’s my website!

The simple answer is this – I have never seen your website before.

I will be seeing your content with a fresh pair of eyes. You’ve been looking at your website for days, maybe even weeks now. The little things won’t matter as you try to achieve the perfect layout and list all the necessary information.

By viewing your website afresh, I’ll spot those letters that are the wrong way round, the text that’s in a slightly different font, or a different size. By having a proofread website, you can be sure that it doesn’t let you down in the future.

I’m here to help you achieve the best website you can possibly have, connecting you to clients, customers and candidates across the world.

Contact me now for a quote.

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