subscribing to blogs for writing

Through doing a couple of courses with the College of Media and Publishing I have stumbled across several (read over 30!) useful blogs and websites to do with copywriting, proofreading and writing in general. Whilst bookmarking all these sites is easily done, I wanted an RSS feed/blog reader that could do all this for me, whilst allowing me to favourite articles to come back to later, and categorise them for relevance. I also wanted to be able to use it on my mobile as well as my Chromebook and it be seamlessly integrated through both.


So, welcome Feedly. There is an App, available on both Android & iPhone mobiles, and online via the Feedly website. It lists all the blog posts from all the feeds that you enter in date order, and you can view it as either a magazine layout, titles only (much like a list!) or ‘cards’ which looks like a blog of all the blogs that you follow.

Navigation and categorisation is down the left hand side, and hides away easily in the app. You can organise your feeds into ‘collections’ such as copywriting blogs, authors etc. You can also mark items to read later, and ‘mark as read’ any items you aren’t interested in so that they don’t appear in your feed. I’ve not read it for a while, so I’ve just marked my 273 items as read and will start again from the beginning. I’m very much ‘type A’ when it comes to organisation!

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