I’m your new friend Sam.

I’m a proofreader and editor.

Although I do write and blog too!

I’m currently on a mission to rid the world of bad spelling and grammar one document at a time.
Simple spelling mistakes, misuse of punctuation and bad grammar can cost you readers, sales and time.

Yet it keeps happening. Writers become fatigued by the words they have written. When you’ve gone over them so many times it’s easy to miss a comma or use the wrong iteration of ‘their’. (I should know, I’m a writer too!)

That’s why you need me, a fresh pair of eyes – a proofreader, to go through your work with a fine toothcomb and ensure no word is left unturned and unchecked.

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What else do you do?

Not only am I passionate about spelling, but I also have a flair for creating interesting and insightful pieces of work.
I write engaging and informative copy with your audience in mind.

Previous clients have included LikeWhere and Cecilia Clason Interiors.

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Over the previous year, Sam has regularly provided a highly professional and quality proof-reading service for many of my social media and customer-facing marketing content. She was able to understand both the topic and the tone of the piece and provide alterations to both correct and enhance the content.

Mark King – BIM Solutions Manager
Leica Geosystems FZE

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Samantha E. is prompt, professional, and has an attention to detail that rivals only the best in the business. I have worked with editors who didn’t give feedback as good as hers. If you are so lucky to work with her you will surely sing praises in your review.

Tshombe Amen – Author

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